Acheron River

Heaven alternative tourism and leisure

Acheron River has evolved into a space sports of nature, such as:

• Riding on Sources
• Paragliding in Paramithia
• Rafting, kayak and canoe – kayak Straits
• Cycling along the river
• Canyoning in the Strait
• Observation of nature
• Swimming – if you can tolerate the icy waters of the river
• Scuba diving and all water sports on the Beach
• Κολύμπι – αν αντέχετε τα παγωμένα νερά του ποταμού
• Καταδύσεις και όλα τα θαλάσσια σπορ στην Αμμουδιά

Nearby destinations worthwhile …


• The historic villages of Souli
• The cosmopolitan and picturesque Parga with green islands and the historic Castle
• The Oracle of Acheron, Mesopotamos village (3 km from the Beach)
• Ruins and the Museum of Ancient Nicopolis (8 km NW of Preveza)
• The Ancient Kassopi
• The ancient theater of Dodona
• The city of Preveza with the island view and mountain heart
• Το αρχαίο θέατρο της Δωδώνης
• Η πόλη της Πρέβεζας με τη νησιώτικη όψη και τη βουνίσια καρδιά

The road takes you .. 

From Athens, following the National Road Athens - Patras and then the highway Rio - Ioannina.
From Northern Greece via Egnatia Odos.
The area is served by air from airports Aktion and Ioannina.

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