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Markou Vivi

Starting the new year, and for the Sixteen time in recreational activities in Acheron, we wanted to renew and to reward all of you clients, guests, friends with new ideas and unique services!
For the new year before the start of the new season, we created << Riverdream Club >>, our new name badge and a club that will do more direct our services to you with great deals for members & surprises .
Through our website, you can be informed about the activities of our Club, to become members of the club enjoying all benefits of a member, read the latest news, and enjoy photos and videos of club us (all visitors and members) with continuous update.
For the 2016 season, we built our business on the Paragliding and Slackline for even more fun!
We wait in our facilities this summer to spend more dreamy than ever … To Riverdream Club prepare to welcome you!
Me and my team wish you good fun!

Years of operation


Thousands of visitors to the club


Activities in nature


Thousands of hours of entertainment

Our facilities are located in Glyki alongside the river Acheron and near the springs.
With ample parking, in the nature of our staff will greet you, will tell you, and lead you in your favorite activity.

Riverdream Club

  • May 2010Opening

    Our company started its business since 2000 under the name < Rafting Center / Vivi Markou>. n all the years that passed, we met and we served thousands of people from all nationalities and ages giving all our hospitality and our best. Driven consistency and professionalism that characterizes our business we offer our customers high quality services, and interpersonal service.Our facilities other than the impeccable service, and equipment you will find a place to relax in nature, close to the river, enjoy your coffee. drink or meal in the fully equipped cafe-restaurant in our unique values.
  • January 2014Riverdream Club

    For 2014 we changed the name badge in Riverdream Club and created sophisticated services and direct service.
Our facilities are equipped with:
  • Boats rafting activity capacity 6-7 persons and their paddles
  • Activity canoe – kayak single & double with single & double paddles
  • Jackets and helmets for all activities (where required)
  • Vehicle transport equipment and people to and from the activity
  • Horses for the activity of riding (riding)
    –The equipment and means of transportation for each activity are provided free.
    – Our experienced staff is always present in any activity for the safe and proper conduct.