Canoe - Kayak the personal pleasure!

The ride in the river is not enough once

Canoe Kayak for groups

Canoe Kayak for groups, clubs, schools by appointment throughout the year

Free equipment

We provide free equipment for each activity

Canoe Kayak is a nautical sport that takes place in a lake, river or rink with two types of boats: canoe and kayak, in which one, two or four athletes compete. At times there have been competitions with various ship sizes and at varying distances for men and women.


Degree of difficulty



Difficulty (%)
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What should I have with me?

A second pair of shoes that will get wet, swimsuit or second pair of underwear and a towel.

All the special equipment we provide is the most appropriate strictly in accordance with the specifications of the international federation.

Moving to and from the activity is free of charge with our mini bus

In all our activities there is waiting time and order of priority. Schedule your time to participate in our activities. In July and August, the wait exceeds 1 hour due to high attendance.

For the participation of schools, groups and many people we recommend closing 3 days before the activity. In June, July and August, we recommend booking by phone at (+30) 6945757363 or through the form on our website.